Stay motivated!

Are you still waiting to start it? Have you already started it and are now having trouble keeping it up? We would like to help you during this period by creating a group for people facing similar challenges.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of your goals, age and gender, as long as you'd like to try to stay motivated with the rest of us.

Whatever your goals, Global Fitness Solutions offer the means to get you there. A wide variety of opportunities, including nutritional counseling are available so that you can tailor your fitness program to your own specific needs. We provide safe, effective, efficient, and enjoyable exercise programs for its all members.

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Our Programmes includes...


It is a health promoting activity that can be enjoyed by any one, even those whose physical activity is limited due to age, disability, recovery from substance abuse or chronic illness. Our Yoga is designed to enable people to begin from their immediate, present state of consciousness and move forward, day by day into a state of wholeness, well being and enlightenment. Even the beginners are able to shed much physical tension, mental/emotional turbulence, and prepare the way for a life of higher consciousness. Our Yoga class provides a compressive routine of asana, pranayam and meditation, which brings a perfect balance between body, mind and spirit.

Yoga for Fitness

Yoga – The solutions for many problems either it is related to your health or mental stress. Our personal trainers also assist you in yoga training.

There are lots of benefits which can be obtained by routine Yoga practice. Here are some Examples

•Yoga can be the reason for Lower Blood Pressure
•It can also down the anxiety level by practicing mindfulness meditation. This is a kind of medication in which people practices mindfulness by concentrating on the breath.

“Inhale Love, Exhale Hate”
•It enhances the concentration power and working memory.
•It can cure you from Hair Loss. Posses like Sasangasana and Uttanasana helps in blood circulation to head.

Mobility Exercise

Mobility is the ability to perform a joint action through its full range of movement. Mobility prepares your body to move quickly and efficiently. Mobility exercises and drills stimulate your nervous system, muscles, tendons, and joints in a very dynamic manner. In a Mobility exercise programme, you are not moving around but are simply elongating a particular muscle or group of muscles. Mobility training is for injury prevention and toning-up. A short bout of continuous, moving activity will raise your body temperature, increase blood flow to your muscles, activate your nervous system, and prepare you fully for your mobility exercises and for a strenuous overall workout.


Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. It builds strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen. It teaches body awareness, good posture, easy and graceful movement. It can even help alleviate back pain. It is a refreshing mind-body workout.


Exercises are designed to regain the fitness level after an acute injury, surgery or illness. This programme consist of simple exercises based on the client's body condition and requirements, which helps him to come back to the normal life as early as possible. This exercise programme is based on the principle of correctives, physiotherapy and yoga therapy.

Kicking Box

Kick boxing is a mixture of punches and kicks, which is fun and easy. It is a one hour workout (10 minutes of warm-up, 40 minutes of kick Boxing and 10 minutes of cool-down) that will have your heart pounding and your body sweating.Our Kick Boxing programme is combined with exciting music. Kick Boxing is not only a great exercise for all levels, the punches and kicks are also wonderful for bursting out stress and aggression.It is preferably for youngsters and relatively fit persons.

Streching Exercise

Stretching improves flexibility, eases movement, and lowers the risk of injury and muscle strain. Stretching increases blood flow and gets your body ready for exercise.Stretching can help loosen muscles in the arms, shoulders, back, chest, abs, buttocks, thighs, and calves. It is also very relaxing. One of the easiest ways for a person to gain a more youthful image is to increase their flexibility.

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